Motorcycle Hire in Tasmania

Tasmania is a beautiful location – one of the most scenic places around, filled with natural beauty, winding roads, and unspoiled scenery. And the best way to see it is on a motorcycle tour.

Ian from Moto Adventure Tasmania was looking for a website for his motorcycle hire business. Ian runs Tasmania’s only supplier for hire bikes, and maintains high quality current model bikes.  He’s got low prices, expert service, and some of the best riding roads in the world.  He tops it off with his friendly service, always going above and beyond to help his customers out.

In short, he’s our kind of client!  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to help him out with a website.

Ian from Moto Adventure Tasmania says

“I cannot quite believe the fantastic level of service I have received from Brendon and his team… It’s so good, there has to be a catch… haven’t found it yet.”

Our first step was to identify his goals and requirements.  Ian needed a professional and easy-to-use website, packed with information about his bikes, his business, and his state.  It needed to include detailed information on the bikes and his hire rates, and to offer tonnes of useful information about motorcycle touring in Tasmania.  And it needed to showcase the top-quality range of bikes he has.

Ian’s new website is easy for his customers to use.  It’s got plenty of big photos to highlight his bikes and easy-to-read rates tables so that his customers know exactly what it’ll cost them.  And it’s easy for him to use, allowing him to update the rates, photos and text of his site with minimal effort, so he can always keep it fresh.