A Hole In One!

Brendon, being a talented golfer (according to nobody who’s ever played with him), was thrilled when we were approached by a local golfing legend.

Our client works as a golf coach, teaching the method that he’s spent the last 50 years refining.  His stable of players have received outstanding results on just about every professional tour.  In addition to his in-person lessons, he also offers online lessons to students around the world.

After discussing the requirements, we decided on the following:

  • A complete rebuild of the website
  • Members only area with streaming video lessons
  • Online shop to sell equipment, training aids, and digital video
  • Search engine optimisation to get more visitors

We also consulted and offered our business expertise, and identified that the current prices were far too low.  They didn’t reflect the value of the product, and needed to go up.

We leveraged a content management system so that they can self-manage the website, a member management system to handle automated signups and re-billing, and Vimeo to serve high-quality streaming video to a wide range of computers and mobile devices.

Afterwards, we asked our client what they thought of us.  The answer was simple:

Wow!!! That’s all I can say – can’t believe it, incredible and I like the way you said “We” – I’m sure we’ve helped in some way.

As it happens, the result was better than they expected.  If you’ve met Brendon, you know what this means:

In the end my dad said: “If this guy is half as good as he thinks he is, we will be OK!”

…It turns out that Brendon is at least ¾ as good as he thinks he is, and his professionalism and commitment to working through all the problems we faced is now paying off.

The end result is stunning.

We have a site that is already doing 3 times more sales, with the averages sale price over 4 times what it used to be